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Sandy Springs

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Mogalaxy64 about 2 months ago

Monster Roll

This roll is a must-try. I love how the flavors come together so well as a mildly spicy and deliciously crunchy roll that will definitely stand out among the rest.

Ruby about 2 months ago

Chicken Eggrolls

If you ever go to Nori Nori, you have to try.....EVERYTHING....if you can! There's nothing in there that can't satisfy your hunger that's for sure! I loved the chicken eggrolls, they were fresh and had just the right crunch! My server was so nice too, and very attentive. Good job Nori Nori!

Ieo about 2 months ago

Hibachi Beef

Exceptional presentation, great location and above all great eats. Keep it going!!!

Lyric about 2 months ago

American Tuna Roll

I LOVED almost everything about this establishment! The set up was spectacular and never ran empty. Food was constantly being brought out fresh to refurbish the buffet. I really enjoyed the various types of sushi. The sake was amazing as well. Can't wait to come back and bring more friends with me!

Kkim about 2 months ago

Crab Balls

Great food! Great Service! Get place! Fresh food with a clean atmosphere! If you haven't tried them I swear by them!

Xli654 2 months ago

Fresh Sashimi

awesome Japanese restraunt!!nice service and food. matcha ice cream is good as well!

Stebo4677 2 months ago

Dragon Roll

Absopositivelutely incredible experience! I'm from NYC and my favorite sushi restaurant there is Minados which is the sister restaurant to Nori Nori! So imagine my delight after I relocated to Georgia and discovered Nori Nori! The same level of excellent cuisine and service really made my relocation more pleasurable! Nori Nori is my go to spot for sushi immersion! Lol!

Melisa 4 months ago


I think what really makes Nori Nori so special is that their sushi is always so fresh and tasty. I've had sushi at many places before but I've always wandered back to Nori Nori for their delicious sushi and my personal favorite: Sake. I'm personally a huge fan of salmon and eating this just made me love it more. If you haven't tried it, come and taste the deliciousness yourself!

Mi 4 months ago

BBQ Pork Spare Rib

It very tasty and good It also very big so you can share with friends/family I really like it!

Raushun 5 months ago

Dragon Roll

Nori Nori is definitely my go to place for sushi. I love the quality and freshness of the food.

Mi 5 months ago

Seaweed Salad


Crubiano30263 5 months ago

Salmon Tataki in Cilantro Sauce

It's the best dish we have ever tried anywhere . Fresh made. It combines the great taste of the salmon with the perfect amount of cilantro sauce. Can't wait to go back. Best restaurant. Great food and atmosphere!

Dannybeebe 5 months ago


my boi Thomas loves ur buffet. he recommends this place to everyone. no matter what, Thomas ALWAYS brings new customers and enjoyment to the establishment. he is also Native American. so he be on that grind shit

Livingaquarium012 6 months ago

Smoked Salmon Crunch Roll (10)

Love nori nori!! Nori nori is my go to for ayce sushi/buffet. Can't wait for it to be opened again.

Lejohnny2017 6 months ago

Salmon Skin Roll

10/10 would recommend. I honestly like any of the salmon sushi/sashimi

Jjohnson387 6 months ago

Nori Nori Salad

The salad taste refreshing and light.

Timmynguyen611 6 months ago

Cheese Dragon Roll

It's really good

Dani711 6 months ago

Calamari Salad

Calamari is fresh giving a great taste to the salad. When I go to the restaurant, I usually go back for seconds if it's available.

Brian 6 months ago

Salmon Tataki in Cilantro Sauce

This salmon is slightly cooked and in this really delicious green cilantro sauce. This is one of my favorite menu items at NoriNori and I always order this. This is a must. If you're one of those people that doesn't like raw fish, this is cooked and makes you feel like you're eating raw fish. Best of both worlds.

Hughesjames1979 7 months ago

Salmon Skin

Best salmon skin I have ever had and its my go to whenever I try a new sushi place. THANKS!!

Quintonlewis56 about 2 months ago


I came here on a date once and loved the atmosphere, food and service. The prices were fair, the food was awesome, and I especially enjoyed the warm sake! I felt like I was on vacation in another land!

Makeup about 2 months ago

Snow Crab Legs

This place is like the buffet of my dreams! From sushi to snow crab legs to dessert, everything was phenomenally prepared and tasted amazing! Don't know where to go for a date? Try Nori Nori, you won't be disappointed! :)

Fmsherry08sf about 2 months ago

Green Mussels

I have to say everything was good and best believe I sampled everything they had and it was good fresh. I will go back again

Somalia about 2 months ago

Hijiki Salad

WHAT AN ECLECTIC DINING EXPERIENCE!! I must confess, I'd never been to a Japanese restaurant! It was simply a Beautiful voyage for my taste buds. The flavor and texture carried me back in time to the wonderful places I'd read about but have yet the pleasure of visiting.I loved how the black seaweed was both crispy and soft to the pallet as it messed with the other flavors. It was literally a "party in my mouth!" I can't wait to partake in this ASIAN GOODNESS again! Shondalon

Renata 2 months ago

Calamari Rings

I love it!

Hanz 2 months ago

Beef Teriyaki

The meat was very tender to a point I didn't need a knife to cut. Taste was great and was always fresh.

Jin 3 months ago

Beef Teriyaki

This place is amazing and has incredible food and choices for a great price. I would definitely reccomend the Beef Teriyaki, but honestly everything on their menu is delicous. A great place for family and friends to enjoy a great meal.

Csciascia42 4 months ago

Beef Tataki

Awesome place! I highly recommend going here to anyone. Food is always fresh and delicious!

Jordan 5 months ago

Sandy Springs Roll (10)

I've been to this restaurant many times and it always exceeds expectations! Their dishes and sushi are of high quality and top-grade. This one of my family's favorite places to go. There are always so many options, from edamame, fresh fruit, endless sushi options, soup, carefully-portioned desserts, and even Korean BBQ, you name it, they have it! Thank you, Nori Nori, for your quality and service. We can't wait to come back!

Maira 5 months ago

Shrimp Tempura Roll

I really love all of Nori Nori's dishes, specifically their sushi rolls. My favorite and go to was their shrimp tempura roll and then close second would be the dragon roll. Perfectly cooked rice and shrimp! I would eat a 100 if it didn't make me sick!!!

Ronda 5 months ago

Smoked Salmon Crunch Roll (10)

Visited on second day of opening restaurant after COVID restrictions lifted. My first visit. I was starving when I arrived, but left totally satisfied. The sanitation measures were reassuring. Plenty of sanitizer and slip-on plastic gloves. This restaurant is well-known for sushi on buffet, but I promise you, if you don't like sushi, you'll still get your money's worth. Stuffed shrimp, crawfish, bulgogi, pork or shrimp , hibachi. So many items that I didn't even have time to visit every section. Impressive quality, especially the tuna sashimi. I went for a piece of smoked salmon roll 3 different times. The restaurant has seating for large groups and the wait staff was polite and quick. Will definitely visit again.

Ruendyg 5 months ago

Takoyaki (Octopus) Cake

Everything at nori nori is a treat but the takoyaki was my favorite. The sweet potato variation at lunch is also very good too.

Dabel 5 months ago

Dragon Roll

Great place to get sushi! The staff is great and friendly. I really enjoy all the food.

Eeveepony 6 months ago

Fried Blue Crab in Sesame Sauce

I love all the food at Nori Nori but the fried blue crab in sesame sauce is my favorite! It's the first time I ever saw this dish and I was excited to try it. The flavors meld together perfectly and the taste is a vacation in your mouth!

Yenfengliang 6 months ago

BBQ Pork Spare Rib


Etsix18 6 months ago

American Tuna Roll

Super fresh and delicious!

Iris 6 months ago


Ikura sushi is definitely my favorite at Nori Nori! The use of fish eggs is very generous and well balanced against the amount of rice. Many places use too much rice in sushi in my opinion, but these have always been great. I really enjoy this place, and it's my favorite place to go to satisfy my sushi cravings!

Melisa 6 months ago

Tekka Maki (10)

It was very delicious...I can still remember the faint taste of the salmon and tuna that essentially melted in my mouth. I wasn't a huge fan of sushi because of the fishyness that came along with it. However, after trying this shushi, I knew it was the best of the best. It tasted fresh and fragrant. I love it so much!

Magoncillo1 7 months ago

Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

So fresh and full of flavor. It literally just melts in your mouth. This is always my first go-to when I go to Nori Nori

Sungalexander77 7 months ago


Their fresh mussel sushi was always amazing for me. I can't wait for the buffet to eat the good stuff again!