Loved it. Fresh sushi and sashimi ...
Loved it. Fresh sushi and sashimi. Hot food looked good but I personally couldn't try any of it (can't eat soysauce). Dessert bar is crazy good. Small portions but it's all you can eat so who cares.
Larissa G. via - Mar 22, 2017
This sushi buffet is amazing! Many many delicious assorted sushi and many other items to choose from. All you can eat, you leave super full!
Isabel Mallar via - Mar 20, 2017
I just love this place! This is ...
I just love this place! This is definitely my Sushi place  to go to in the Atlanta area! Great selections, fresh food, I have been to many sushi restaurant and I am very picky when it comes to eating..and trust me you will love!
Michelle T. via - Mar 19, 2017
Service is amazing.  Table was ...
Service is amazing.  Table was kept clear. Enough variety for the whole family. All food was very fresh.
Kieren C. via - Mar 18, 2017
Nori Nori is Superb
There aren't words to describe how wonderful this restaurant is. The service is excellent too. Thete is a large selection of menu items, all prepared to perfection. Kudos to the owner, chef and wait staff!
Leslie G via - Mar 18, 2017
A+... read more
Tina Zop via - Mar 16, 2017
Great food ... read more
kukwon han via - Mar 16, 2017
Found this place by accident.  The ...
Found this place by accident.  The sushi  is amazing and the service is pretty good too .  I will keep coming back .  Management the only thing I would change is to put more crab legs out so they don't run out as quick .  FYI get there early this place fills up quick .
Drew H. via - Mar 16, 2017
One of the best sushi buffets in Atlanta! Really good prices and selection, the service is great, and the owner likes to take care of the regulars! ... read more
Lindsay Richards via - Mar 15, 2017
My boyfriend had been raving about ...
My boyfriend had been raving about this place since we started dating. He took me here for lunch during Valentine's Day. And initially, I was like sushi for how much? But I see why you are paying the price. The food is phenomenal. The sushi selection is out of this world. They have a hot side and a cool side, along with hot Miso soup... read more
Joche' H. via - Mar 15, 2017
Best place in town for all you can eat sushi... read more
Raymond Nazon via - Mar 13, 2017
Excellent all the way around! We had a party of 14 and everyone enjoyed this restaurant.
Connie Neely via - Mar 11, 2017
Me and my kids loves this place we fly all the way from vps to atl just for dinner
Me and my kids loves this place we fly all the way from vps to atl just for dinner... read more
Saulo Lapa via - Mar 8, 2017
We came here on a recommendation ...
We came here on a recommendation.  We are from out of town.   We will travel here again and again.   It may be a buffet but the sushi has different flavors profiles all of them great.  Real crab soup.  Has a good salad section, cooked section and fruit section.   It's worth every cent.   I highly recommend this place.   5 star for.a ... read more
Judy J. via - Mar 7, 2017
One of the best buffets I've ever ...
One of the best buffets I've ever experienced. The staff was amazing about keeping everything neat, clean and stocked. The food was plentiful, awesome and fresh. Would definitely go back!
Tiara P. via - Mar 7, 2017
I Love Nori Nori, it is an amazing all you can eat sushi buffet. They open from 11:45- 2:30 and then again from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Ive never been for lunch only dinner and the cost for one person is about 27 dollars. The food is great, so many options and not just sushi, but also seafood and chicken desserts. I gave it 4 starts becau... read more
Erica Major via - Mar 6, 2017
Date night and our first time here ...
Date night and our first time here.  I typically don't do buffets, but this place is awesome.  The selection of seafood was unbelievable.  And the selection of sushi was just as awesome.  The quality of food is great.  We will return.
T L. via - Mar 5, 2017
Great sushi and food... I'll be back.
David Green via - Mar 4, 2017
Very good Japanese buffet. However, it is suited more for people who like sushi. The hot food selection is very limited. Also, the place was not as clean as it should be. And they have pay phones!
Nafis Zahir via - Mar 4, 2017
Large selection, fresh food, excellent customer service.
Alan Anderson via - Mar 2, 2017
I LOVE this place so clean and friendly!
Keysha Matthewson via - Feb 27, 2017
This has been my favorite sushi restaurant and still is. The food is awesome.
Richard Blanc via - Feb 27, 2017
I love Nori Nori.  Easily the best ...
I love Nori Nori.  Easily the best sushi buffet in Atlanta.  The food always tastes fresh, the selection is fantastic, the volume of food exceptional. It's a really great sushi restaurant.
scott s. via - Feb 24, 2017
Went here for lunch with a coworker ...
Went here for lunch with a coworker. First thing to note, super clean and neat in here. Layout is awesome. The service, as in the waitress that cleared our table throughout was perfect. Large selection. To start, I got the Udon Soup with Udon noodles, Shrimp Tempura, Scallions, Broth, Tempura Flakes and 7-Chili Pepper Powder with no ... read more
Simone H. via - Feb 23, 2017
The food is fantastic! To get the best experience for your money it is best to get there as they open for lunch. Just be aware they stop replenishing the buffet 30 mins before closing (they do close for 2 hours between lunch and dinner). The last time I went, the price for lunch was $21.95 and dinner was $31.95. The dinner buffet ha... read more
Matthew Williams via - Feb 22, 2017
Whenever I visit my parents in ...
Whenever I visit my parents in Florida I make it a point to be as gluttonous as possible and eat at a seafood buffet. Coming from Florida where there's an abundance of seafood buffets, Nori Nori is kind of a rare commodity here. There's just really not a whole lot of options when it comes to buffets and slim to none when you're talki... read more
Yulia L. via - Feb 22, 2017
This is a splurge for me, at about ...
This is a splurge for me, at about  $30/person for dinner... BUT SO WORTH IT. Delicious, beautiful food that is delicious. Great service. All the yes.
Hannah K. via - Feb 22, 2017
This is the best Japanese Buffett. The sushi bar is amazing the selection is almost overwhelming. ALL the food is Very fresh. Endless Crab legs and the short ribs are great. Save room for the crêpe you wont be disappointed. Very clean and the buffet is kept stocked. Our favorite meeting place with friends for good food and good laugh... read more
ThereseImperiale via - Feb 21, 2017
Great food with huge seafood selection, pricey but it is definitely worth it.
Raj Maitra via - Feb 19, 2017
I stumbled on this place by accident ...
I stumbled on this place by accident while searching online. After some research my husband and I decided to check Nori Nori out for our Valentine's dinner.We knew beforehand that their prices were higher seeing as they list them on their website and we planned for that. So here's our experience:We arrived around six on a Saturday ev... read more
Liz L. via - Feb 18, 2017
Extremely fresh, best sushi in Atlanta.
Kris Reece via - Feb 17, 2017
All you can eat good quality sushi. Most sushi buffet places give you more rice than fish. At Nori Nori, their nigiris are great! The balance of rice and fish is just perfect. It might not be the best quality sushi, but you pay for an above average sushi and HUGE selection of food: noodles soup, sushis, fresh seafood, hot food and gr... read more
D J via - Feb 17, 2017
Well, for my first visit to the ...
Well, for my first visit to the Atlanta area, I have had a variety of ethnic foods and I must say.....this by far is one of the best for flavor and variety. The only thing I was disappointed in was that the food could have been a little warmer after I brought it to the table. Otherwise perfect for me... read more
Karen P. via - Feb 17, 2017
Families first choice when going out!
Phillip Wallace via - Feb 13, 2017
Quality, quality, quality!! You truly get what you pay for, excellent food!
John Phillips via - Feb 13, 2017
Seriously WOW!!! Don't let the price scare you, it is worth every penny. The only bad thing about this place is when you get full... Everyone, do not walk - run to this place and enjoy, but don't eat anything the day of going here so you can eat a little of everything.
5484Danny via - Feb 13, 2017
Wonderful food. Wonderful selection. Incredibly friendly staff.
ashley burns via - Feb 5, 2017
Muy bueno el sushi y los postres... read more
Karla Acosta via - Feb 5, 2017
Lots of sushi, pretty good variety of food & desserts.
thia via - Feb 5, 2017
I enjoy visiting NoriNori everytime ...
I enjoy visiting NoriNori everytime and I've visited to the point I where I've lost count. My only issue was one visit where my 11 year old niece was charged as an adult due to her height. I hate to say it but it seemed like if she was taller than the staff they felt she was an adult. They didn't even measure her, and we told them sh... read more
Sharon H. via - Feb 4, 2017
This is a great buffet place for ...
This is a great buffet place for sushi and sashimi and crab leg and other sea food. We usually go on weekends when they have everything. We are always stuffed! Quality wise, you can never compare a buffet to a restaurant, but I think Nori Nori has relative good quality food. Don't forget to have some udon and crepe!
Grace Z. via - Feb 4, 2017
Lunch buffet is typically $20 per ...
Lunch buffet is typically $20 per person and they have a vast variety of sushi as well as regular buffet I loved this place soooo much unfortunately cannot afford my cravings often... read more
Ssd P. via - Feb 1, 2017
The selection is good, I loved the sweet blue crab and Korean beef was very flavorful, my daughter liked the hibachi and crepe stations. Pricey tho, $31.95 that's the only reason why I did not give it 5 stars... read more
Emily Clarkson via - Jan 30, 2017
The sushi is always excellent.
Cornelius Brown via - Jan 30, 2017
I'm still really full.For a sushi ...
I'm still really full.For a sushi buffet spot, this was pretty great. The selection was massive with multiple chefs constantly rolling more sushi. They even have selections of sashimi. So ooooooooof course I had multiple plates of JUST SALMON SASHIMI. Judge me. So what sets this place apart from other buffet sushi spots, and made-to-... read more
Jay Y. via - Jan 28, 2017
Went for the dinner buffet last ...
Went for the dinner buffet last night and it was incredible. The food was great, a huge variety of selection (lots for vegetarians, too!), and the service was good. I only have four stars because the bathrooms are disgusting. They're old and badly need to be updated, but beyond that it just was just nasty (two unflushed toilets, one ... read more
Caitlin B. via - Jan 25, 2017
Never had a buffet this good to ...
Never had a buffet this good to be honest. The dinner buffet seemed expensive but I'm not sure what they offered in difference to lunch, but I'm definitely willing to try... read more
Daniel C. via - Jan 22, 2017
How can everything be so perfect and taste so good. ... read more
Jason Hurst via - Jan 21, 2017
Nori Nori is my all-time favorite ...
Nori Nori is my all-time favorite sushi restaurant . Although it's a buffet style it is very upscale. Outside of sushi there are  many hot and cold entrées to choose from. But pace yourself  because dessert is also phenomenal. There's usually a selection of 8 to 10 mini desserts.  They also offer made to order crapes. Give the green ... read more
Shaquana D. via - Jan 21, 2017
스시 먹기 좋은 곳... read more
마루 푸드 데모 Maru Food Demo via - Jan 19, 2017
Best sushi I've had in ages. I loved everything else I tried, too!
Marci Ball via - Jan 17, 2017
Nori Very good buffet, slightly overpriced
If you eat 3 or more pounds of crab legs, this buffet is worth the money. The quality of their fish for sushi is subpar, they use fake crab for their crab sushi. They have nice sized peeled and cooked shrimp. In the entrance area there is a soup station, very small/tight space with 3 types of soups (Miso, crab and a seafood one), nex... read more
Anthony G via - Jan 17, 2017
Definitely I had better sushi elsewhere. But for the price the quality and obviously quantity you are getting is not bad.
Umit Catalyurek via - Jan 16, 2017
Great sushi very fresh and lots ...
Great sushi very fresh and lots of cooked dishes as well, get your seafood fix righthere, i swear some of the rolls taste like candy... read more
Wayne B. via - Jan 16, 2017
I haven't been to this place since ...
I haven't been to this place since it was last owned by Midori (?).  Since I've returned 2016, it exceeds my expectations everytime.  Service is always great, willing to accommodate our requests and big crowds, and always an abundance and variety of foods that never runs out.  WIth as much guests as they have, I'm surprised that we a... read more
Kunnida C. via - Jan 14, 2017
Soooo much good fresh sushi. Be sure to skip lunch before coming to eat here so you can be extra hungry. ... read more
Jammer Wit via - Jan 11, 2017
Something for everyone
My son (who has lived in Japan for over 6 years) took me to Nori Nori a few months back. He knows good sushi and I knew this was a good restaurant before we even went there. The selections were the most I have ever seen. From hot to cold to cooked to order they have a wide selection. Go early and enjoy.
Mike H via - Jan 10, 2017
This place is UNBELIEVABLE. Hands down one of the best restaurants in the entire city of Atlanta.
Dixon Adair via - Jan 9, 2017
One of the best Asian buffets
I have to say Nori Nori is one of the best Asian buffets I ever had. It is probably the best Asian buffet in USA. The food is amazing in terms of freshness and variety. The seafood, sushi, oysters, raw beef are all fresh. It also has a variety of Japanese and Korean dishes, from BBQ to green tea ice cream. The taste is also very g... read more
Liwen C via - Jan 6, 2017
I am not one for buffet style but the food leaves so fast it isn't a concern. Fresh sushi for miles, definitely a great variety of hot, cold, soup, cooked food and desserts. Go hungry and take your time to get money's worth. It is pricey but worth it.
Amanda Edward via - Jan 5, 2017
Wonderful fresh selection of sushi, sashimi and a few standard Asian buffet choices (but better versions). ... read more
Brittany Caldwell via - Jan 4, 2017
Variety is good, quality is decent, the nigiri was a little meh but overall we really enjoyed it!
Paulyna Rivera via - Jan 4, 2017
Absolutely delicious. Have to try the scallops and all the various sushi that is always fresh and flavorful!
Garrett Johnson via - Jan 2, 2017
Pretty cool experience, but worth ...
Pretty cool experience, but worth it? No. It would be worth the lunch price, but the dinner price is a bit too steep. The sushi is just ok and the sashimi is cut a little too thick. The tempura vegetables were good but a little soggy. The hibachi station was just ok. The real prize here is the dessert. Literally every single dessert ... read more
Jennifer D. via - Jan 1, 2017
Pretty good buffet! Would like to see more veggie options for the sushi rolls!
Aarthi Sivarkkamani via - Dec 30, 2016
Best food ever.
Bahteekes Lee via - Dec 30, 2016
Clean, variety and delicious food, kind server. I hope price little bit down. ... read more
최대하 via - Dec 24, 2016
Great selections!!! Love the food ...
Great selections!!! Love the food and services. Lunch and dinner have different selections but were equally very nice. Quite impressed with the quality of food - great salad bar, great sushi and rolls selection, great japanese and pan asian dishes, decent dessert selections (not my style though but they have crepes and ice cream - so... read more
Kalakaii W. via - Dec 24, 2016
My favorite place for sushi and seafood. Presentation and taste is excellent even though it's a buf
My favorite place for sushi and seafood. Presentation and taste is excellent even though it's a buffet style sushi and seafood restaurant the presentation on their food is always very appetizing and beautiful. And the flavor of everything is great!
Lou Wakeman via - Dec 23, 2016
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