Great buffet !! Love the food !! Tasty!! But the price is little expensive (well.. They serve sushi and sashimi so understandable) :) ... read more
P CHANG via - Aug 17, 2017
Been way too long
Its probably been 2-3 years since my last trip here (GA traffic) and man I'm glad I came back. The sushi was awesome. Extremely fresh and rotated through on a constant basis. Two servers were at our table frequently and they echoed teamwork with each...More ... read more
Dmpishock via - Aug 16, 2017
Ok let's start this off by saying that the sushi is one of the best I have ever had and all of the other foods and selections are very delicious and yummy in my tummy ... read more
Justin G via - Aug 15, 2017
I was looking for a good Sushi ...
I was looking for a good Sushi Buffet, i had a good one in Miami before i moved so i needed a go to... I went late so some of the selection was gone, but i will be going back earlier to get a true feel.  I would recommend this though ... read more
Alex F. via - Aug 15, 2017
Super expensive but unparalleled selection of fresh Japanese food.
Joey Goodall via - Aug 14, 2017
(Translated by Google) great quality! ! ! but you will be full quickly after eating a plate of sushi even though the sushi is quite small ... (Original) great quality!!!but you will be full quickly after eating a plate of sushi even though the sushi is quite small...
JING WANG via - Aug 13, 2017
This place is fabulous except the smell because of the cooking. Try to find a table faraway from the kitchen. The entire staffs were friendly. The prices are reasonable even in the weekend or weekday. In the weekend, per person 21 dollar for lunch. In weekday, per person 18 dollar for lunch. I highly recommend Nori Nori.
Faisal Sabr via - Aug 13, 2017
(Translated by Google) Great buffet! (Original) Great buffet !
Yves Andria via - Aug 13, 2017
great quality!!!but you will be full quickly after eating a plate of sushi even though the sushi is quite small...
JING WANG via - Aug 12, 2017
Great buffet !
Yves Andria via - Aug 12, 2017
GREAT selection! A bit pricey - but you won't leave hungry!
Lp Pavlick, LCMT via - Aug 9, 2017
Always great food. Staff always ...
Always great food. Staff always friendly. It is a great place to take those who are still on the fringes of sushi eating! And remember that at dinner, the crab legs come out! I love this place!
Quadrus B. via - Aug 9, 2017
Came here a year and a half ago. Blew me away. Back again and want to them back home with me.
Leroy Sinkfield via - Aug 8, 2017
Not much I can say that hasn't ...
Not much I can say that hasn't been said already, so I'll keep it short and sweet. The food was absolutely delicious, restocked quickly, and was of an amazing variety. The sushi and sashimi was amazing. The fish was amazing. The grilled food was great, the crabs were great. Honestly the whole experience was great - I just ate nowhere ... read more
Joseph J. via - Aug 7, 2017
Enjoyed lunch today. Sushi and hot food was excellent. Desserts were meh. Do recommend the butter cookies and chocolate biscuits.
Quiency Dugger via - Aug 6, 2017
Great food and great service very asian ... read more
Google User via - Aug 6, 2017
I love the sushi selection that Nori Nori offers. I can't get enough of the octopus nigiri sushi.
Billy Liu via - Aug 4, 2017
(Translated by Google) The best (Original) El mejor ... read more
A Milán via - Aug 2, 2017
We live in Nashville and have families in Atlanta so our trip is always completed with dinner at Nori Nori. We love it! Best place for all you can eat buffet. The food is freshly prepared. Very upscale cuisine. The workers are friendly and prompt. Highly recommended even if hibachi is all that thou eat. I am a shisimi lover and they ... read more
Tom Chanthavong via - Jul 31, 2017
i have a great time so was the ...
i have a great time so was the food on a weekday!
Kevin V. via - Jul 31, 2017
Great sushi buffet
Excellent buffet in Sandy Springs Sushi fresh and plentiful. All kinds of asian food available... You know it's good when you have a large asian crowd in this restaurant. Definitely recommend this place.
Bill B via - Jul 31, 2017
One of the best Sushi buffets in Atlanta. I know it is very fresh when I see the chef cutting up slabs of Salmon or Tuna.
James Perry via - Jul 29, 2017
This restaurant is great if you love sushi and Japanese food. I'm not a big fan of either and being vegetarian it wasn't the best for me. However, my sister loved it. There is a big selection of sushi and spicy salads, good fried rice and fruit, and plenty of dessert. The place was clean and the staff friendly. $30 per person for the ... read more
Felicia Ford via - Jul 29, 2017
I felt very welcomed. The owner ...
I felt very welcomed. The owner stopped by our table to make sure we were enjoying our meal. It was very clean,fresh and delicious. I highly recommend this place.
Audrey L. via - Jul 28, 2017
It's a little costly, but definitely ...
It's a little costly, but definitely worth the price. All you can eat sushi, that is freshly made in front of you, just can't be beat! There are also dozens of different kinds to try from so you can discover what kind you like if you aren't too knowledgeable about it.
Jan Z. via - Jul 28, 2017
This place is very special. My ...
This place is very special. My friend has shellfish allergies and the owner took her around the buffet and explained which ingredients were in each dish. The food is top quality with an amazing variety of sushi and cooked food items.
Russell S. via - Jul 28, 2017
Great Food and Great Atmosphere ... read more
essence wheeler via - Jul 27, 2017
Hands down our favorite sushi place ...
Hands down our favorite sushi place. We go and try other places but nothing compares to Nori Nori. Even though it's a bit pricey for a buffet, you get your money's worth (especially for us, sushi lovers) ... read more
Nancy A. via - Jul 26, 2017
Food is good, but so much expensive. ... read more
Miguel Oliveira via - Jul 25, 2017
Food is good, but so much expensive. ... read more
Kenedy Yamada via - Jul 23, 2017
Serve all diets and have amazing service ... read more
Alex Tischer via - Jul 23, 2017
Calm and cool environment. Kid friendly. Variety of choices. Food is great and unlimited!
craig lawson via - Jul 23, 2017
Nice staff, decent selection from the buffet and very accommodating despite us being late for our reservation. But do be prepared to pay because the buffet is about $32. Was it worth it since the food was good and the staff was great? Absolutely! ... read more
Benjamin Marshall via - Jul 23, 2017
Excellent quality and selection of sushi and food.
Victor Y. via - Jul 21, 2017
This buffet is the highest quality ...
This buffet is the highest quality buffet that I have ever been to. It is a little pricey but you got to eat your moneys worth. They have crab legs and huge crawfish too. We got there around 6PM, and it wasn't too busy. But then 6:30 came, and it was the weekend, and then everyone came in. It was a long line at the buffet, but that m ... read more
Vincent C. via - Jul 21, 2017
snow carbs is good ... read more
Mo Lijun via - Jul 18, 2017
Amazing deal for lunch!
Eric Bruce via - Jul 16, 2017
This is the best buffet I have ever eaten at. The presentation was very good. The food tasted like I was back in Okinawa Japan again. The large sushi bar was great with nice proportions. Everything was fresh and laid out nicely.
Ryan Bunnell via - Jul 13, 2017
Loved the entrance, parking and ...
Loved the entrance, parking and Sapporo beer! So many foods to chooses from! Seafood, salads, chicken, steak and an abundance of array of bites! The place is huge!
Robyn C. via - Jul 13, 2017
Best Japanese seafood buffet , ... read more
sara Nelson via - Jul 11, 2017
Well worth the cost, some of the besy sushi, nigiri and sashimi I've ever had. ... read more
Jaffer Ibrahim via - Jul 11, 2017
First time here..excellent service. so many options!!!
Laura Heatherly via - Jul 11, 2017
Love the sushi! ... read more
Cindy ONeill via - Jul 10, 2017
Great sushi and foods ... read more
Thida Sos via - Jul 9, 2017
We decided to try Nori Nori out ...
We decided to try Nori Nori out of curiosity during lunch as it was a tiny bit cheaper and can say we were not disappointed. For the most part I was really surprised how much of the buffet was rather fresh and while we were there they were constantly churning out sushi and various other dishes as food disappeared. The variety was als ... read more
Licca K. via - Jul 9, 2017
I have been here twice. And we ...
I have been here twice. And we will definitely go back again. We drove over 3 hours to Atlanta partially for some good food. And Nori Nori does have lots of great food. Before my first visit, I usually went through all the reviews especially those 1 star or 2 stars ... I could understand the frustration people sometime had regarding ... read more
Alex C. via - Jul 7, 2017
Pros:A great variety of sushi, ...
Pros:A great variety of sushi, crab legs, crawfish and Asian inspired dishes. A crepe station, various fresh cut fruit, yogurt and pastries. Delicious hot soup varieties to choose from.A 10% military discount is available but not applicable to the entire table, only those who present an ID.Plenty of parking but don't be lazy and bank ... read more
Sharon C. via - Jul 4, 2017
Best sushi buffet in Atlanta hands ...
Best sushi buffet in Atlanta hands down!!!! This buffet has entered my top 5 best buffets in the US that I have eaten at. They have a huuuuuge variety of choice for sushi. They have sashimi and raw oysters. With everything always being hot and fresh. If there is a missing item on the buffet bar it will be replaced within 5 minutes or ... read more
Pavel K. via - Jul 1, 2017
Incredible selection of food. The sushi selection, alone, is impressive. It was very fresh and delicious. The hibachi items were great, as well. Since this is a buffet, the server wasn't seen very much, but this wasn't a bother as she was not needed as often because we served ourselves. We will definitely be back. ... read more
Emily Rich via - Jun 30, 2017
Certainly worth the $18.25, and then some, at lunch
The sushi is pretty darn good...not as good as the best sushi places, but way, way above the typical Asian buffet. And there are lots of excellent hot dishes. I tried about 30 different sushi and hot dishes altogether and every one was at least...More ... read more
classicaphilia via - Jun 25, 2017
The service was good and the best coconut cookies.. All you can eat crab legs..
Letetia Payton via - Jun 24, 2017
Best Japanese place ... read more
Ram M via - Jun 24, 2017
Culinary Tour of Japan
We have been steady customers for more than a decade. Looking at some of the recent poor reviews let me go over what Nori Nori is and what it's not. It is an outstanding collection of Japanese foods served in a tasteful setting. Price is...More ... read more
travelswithjh via - Jun 24, 2017
Good food.
Parrish Rainge via - Jun 23, 2017
Its a bit pricey on the outside, but the selection is huge. All of the food is really fresh. Hibachi, sushi, hot traditional favorites, desert, and a crepe station!! One of my favorite spots for Asian, sushi, or all you can eat in Atlanta.
Trevor Sparrow via - Jun 23, 2017
Very wide selection of Sushi and Hot foods ... read more
Warren Massey via - Jun 21, 2017
I don't even care for eating sushi and I loved this place!! Enough said.
jamie neely via - Jun 19, 2017
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