great sushi. buffet style. clean ...
great sushi. buffet style. clean . i had a dope server decent crab legs. zero complaints. i had a great time  w/ great food.
Naimah J. via - Oct 14, 2018
Sooo many options when it comes to sushi, plus they soups, salads, hibachi grill section and more. Great service from Kevin, he took good care of us.
Tryna Rushton via - Oct 13, 2018
Awesome variety of fresh sushi. Very authentic Japanese and Korean dishes. You will spend a little more than a traditional buffet, but the quality of food is worth the extra money. The service is also very good, servers are very attentive.
Vickie Santi via - Oct 10, 2018
Fantastic Asian buffet. Great selection of food including sushi. Consistently great quality.
Steve Fuller via - Oct 7, 2018
Nice place and atmosphere.
Md Imran Momtaz via - Oct 7, 2018
Love the place, good food ... read more
Elena Bissell via - Oct 5, 2018
Good foods and good service !!!
Lorna Hollis via - Oct 3, 2018
Delicious food, over prised!
Pat English via - Oct 3, 2018
Very good Buffet for the price. I loved the verity of sushi they carry. Worth a try and will not be disappointed.
Nithinsha Satheesan via - Oct 2, 2018
Nori Nori serves fantastic japanese ...
Nori Nori serves fantastic japanese lunch buffee with a great variety of sushis, fried meats and seafood, soups, and salads. The incredients are all fresh, beautifully displayed, and most tasty. Desserts are also delicious. The price tag for such a pleasure is pretty decent.
Jyrki P. via - Oct 1, 2018
The best sushi I have had in a ...
The best sushi I have had in a long time Fresh Staff very friendlyWide range of choices From the hibachi Fresh seafood Deserts Pleas try the green tea ice cream !!!GAVE ME LIFE ... read more
Carol S. via - Sep 27, 2018
The food is always fresh and delicious, great variety and awesome service ... read more
Bruno Vaccari via - Sep 26, 2018
I'm not a huge fan of sushi but I loved this restaurant (They have more than just sushi though). It was a fun dining experience and all of the food tasted really good. I would definitely go back.
lovettlion73 via - Sep 25, 2018
좋아요~~ ... read more
이규상 via - Sep 24, 2018
Best sushi ever 😁😉 ... read more
Verlene Moura via - Sep 23, 2018
I looooooooove Nori Nori. Been going there for 8 years now, and every single time that I go, I take a new crowd with me. I have never EVER heard anyone complain of their food. Matter of fact, every person that I have taken there, was either already a fan, or became a fan afterwards! Highly recommended if you are into sushi and Japane ... read more
Tina Pak via - Sep 22, 2018
Excellent food and lovely staff. They have so many varieties, from sushi to salads to cold and warm meals. The dessert area is to die for. Go there hungry!
Ruxandra Duca via - Sep 19, 2018
Amazing, clean and delicious buffet, to get the best experience go as soon as they open.
Lana Lee via - Sep 18, 2018
We went to Nori Nori for lunch it was fantastic. We lived in Japan for quite a while and this place is on point with authentic Japanese food. We'll definitely be coming back.
Tammy Wilson via - Sep 16, 2018
Very good! Tons of food, tons of choices. Lunch prices are more reasonable. I will definitely be back.
Renee Lasname via - Sep 16, 2018
Outstanding selection! Very fresh food!!
Elgin Carelock via - Sep 15, 2018
Always a favorite of mine, even for all the past ten years. Great selection of various Asian food, even inari which I have intense difficulty finding elsewhere for some reason. Good place to bring a date, family, or friends. If you're on a budget, aim for the lunch service. Basically the same selection but significantly less expensiv ... read more
Jason McMichael via - Sep 9, 2018
Very nice service, refilling was not satisfactory but doable.
Saad Khan via - Sep 8, 2018
Excellent lunch buffet with a reasonable cost. The sushi, salad and hot bar were all delicious and I'm looking forward to my next chance to visit!
Eric Robinson via - Sep 8, 2018
Great restaurant. Lots of options to choose from.
Monali Maitra via - Sep 8, 2018
The lodestar of all high quality buffets. It is the best I've ever been to. More than just Japanese, and 5 rows of small batch prepared sushi, salads, chicken, fish, beef and many vegetables side choices. I will never go to another Japanese buffet since this one. They don't seat any for lunch till 11:30 but its worth the cost for lun ... read more
Kurt Nikolas via - Sep 8, 2018
Really mixed feelings about this ...
Really mixed feelings about this location...we've gone here twice now in six months.  The first time, the food was amazing, the sushi fresh, the hibachi station clean and prepped, and the additional options plentiful and overflowing with flavor.  However, on our second visit, the food was simply...bland.  The flavor was absent, the s ... read more
Ahmad N. via - Sep 6, 2018
Very good Buffet for the price ...
Very good Buffet for the price. I loved the verity of sushi they carry. Worth a try and will not be disappointed.
Nithinsha S. via - Sep 5, 2018
Very large selection of fresh sushi!
A Google User via - Sep 5, 2018
Sushi decent for bulk quantity ... read more
Mike Whitman via - Sep 4, 2018
Nice variety of fresh sushi and raw greens salad combinations ... read more
Corey Jiggetts via - Sep 3, 2018
Very good sushi/Asian buffet! The ...
Very good sushi/Asian buffet! The sushi was all fresh and there was so many choices. There is a ton of choices outside of sushi that are delicious as well! The restaurant was packed which is always a good sign for a buffet style restaurant. Definitely worth going when you are very very hungry and will get the most bang for your buck!
Elysse B. via - Sep 3, 2018
A bit pricey ... read more
Max Liu via - Sep 3, 2018
Very nice quiet atmosphere all you can eat sushi and seafood ... read more
Tarance Hawk via - Sep 3, 2018
I was taken here by all the ladies in my family for my Birthday even though it was 8 days later but we had a great time. The only draw back was that they could not keep up with the people coming to get crab legs. My cousin spent more waiting on crab legs than eating them. I was like the man on Atlanta Eats when he was asked did he tr ... read more
Tyrone Burroughs via - Sep 2, 2018
I feel that this is as legit as sushi gets in Georgia. If you have a craving for real sushi and none of this Hibachi stuff that's flooded Atlanta, it's worth the drive to Roswell/Sandy springs to "treat yo' self." Ramen bar, Chinese hot food buffet, green tea ice cream, and sashimi/sushi. $25 for lunch, $35 for dinner. With the latt ... read more
Dave via - Aug 31, 2018
I love this place. Only reason they lost a star is they are in a hurry to close. Fair warning, they start shutting the buffet down 30 minutes before closing and are happy to get you out of there. The food is great, I just think they need to include this policy on their webpage to give all fair warning rather than just post an open ... read more
Joshua Cummock via - Aug 23, 2018
I often go to a restaurant with my family. The whole food is not bad. There are only a few things I regret. Tilapia is not a raw food. And dessert is too poor. I pay $160 for four people, including one child. There are many good foods such as oysters, snow crab and so on. But I am going to eat sushi and there are very few kinds of s ... read more
TJ Hwang via - Aug 22, 2018
This is my first time visit with this place and I enjoyed it. Great food especially sushi ... read more
tess garcia via - Aug 20, 2018
Soup, salad, sushi and wine. Great atmosphere.
Alan Williams via - Aug 19, 2018
They have a very nice selection ...
They have a very nice selection of sushi. The place is incredibly clean. I came here for a girls lunch to catch up and we had a very good time. The food was good and the restrooms were extremely clean. The waitress was very very sweet and attentive.
Zipporah E. via - Aug 19, 2018
#1- I hate buffets because of all ...
#1- I hate buffets because of all the glutny I am witnessed to, but I love this place's policy on people that take more than they can eat. They charge you an additional 20% on your bill.I was taken her by my wife for my bday celebration. I enjoyed it immensely. The rolls were delicious and the hot/cold entrees were great. We already ... read more
Antoine P. via - Aug 18, 2018
If you want a great meal this is ...
If you want a great meal this is the place to go. Make sure your hungry it's all you can eat.  Cleanest buffet you will ever go to.  I eat so much sashimi and sushi rolls you have to roll me out of the place.  Lol.  They have cooked food too and wonderful desserts. Best all you can eat place around.  Highly recommend ... read more
Cindy J. via - Aug 18, 2018
Best sushi by far at the best price. I drive from middle Georgia every few weeks.
Hanna Bragg via - Aug 18, 2018
Lot of variety, salads, rice, seafood n deserts, you can't eat all. Courteous staff.
Atul Shrivastava via - Aug 17, 2018
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